Taking a Private Jet from Toronto to Montreal: An Affordable Luxury

Taking a Private Jet from Toronto to Montreal: An Affordable Luxury


Montreal is one of the world’s greatest cities. Its European charm, laid-back lifestyle and unique French culture makes it one of Canada’s favourite destinations. It’s also a dynamic centre for business. Torontonians are often flying back and forth to Montreal for work or personal reasons. Even though the flight is just over an hour, flying commercially adds hours to the journey, making a quick trip more complicated than it needs to be. But what if you could eliminate the need to check in, wait for the flight and long security lineups? Taking a private jet from Toronto to Montreal might just be the ticket.


Stress-Free Flying

Imagine this…You arrive at Pearson Airport, but instead of waiting for hours in a crowded terminal, you arrive fifteen minutes before lift off, hand over your luggage and aboard the plane. Once you and your party have boarded, the plane takes off. The seats are wide and confortable with plenty of leg room. There are tables to work on, with electrical outlets to plug your computer in, and even Wi-Fi, so you can properly prepare for your meeting. Or if this trip is for pleasure, you put your feet up and start the party with a cocktail of your choice. Before you know it, you land in Montreal, disembark with your luggage, where transportation has been arranged for you – perhaps a rental car or limousine – to take you to your destination.


Make that Dream a Reality

Flying on a private jet is more accessible than you may think. There are many private charter companies flying out of Toronto, all ready to cater to your every need. It’s highly advisable to book with a company that owns their own fleet, rather than those who rent space on privately owned jets that are susceptible to last-minute cancellations. Find a firm that caters to your schedule and particular needs, attending to personal details. And before you think a private jet is out of your price range, consider that the cost of four people flying in a private jet can be comparable to the cost of flying commercially in business class. For those in the know, there are some deals to be had as well: check out "empty leg” fares, where empty legs are sold at discounted prices.


Other Tips


While some jet charter companies want a long-term commitment, memberships or up-front cash deposits, go for the service that offers one-off flights with much more flexibility.


If you don’t have time to arrange a trip, consider hiring someone who will. A concierge service such as Zabrano can arrange everything, working with your jet charter service to make sure your trip runs smoothly. They specialize in custom travel planning: arranging everything from hotels to restaurants to dry cleaning.


Don’t have time to stay over? No problem. Flying privately allows you to dictate the schedule. Once your meeting is over, you can be back in the air, flying back home in the same time it takes to cross Toronto in rush hour!

Keeping in mind that time is money, in today’s busy world, hiring a private jet from Toronto to Montreal can make flying stress free.